Here I am… The HipPo’z

HipPo is my new nickname… i found this nickname when i sing “The Lion Sleeps tonight” in my campus.. before i get this cute nickname i have the cutest one “POGEPI” but at this time i don’t wanna use that ‘coz i really really want to appreciate my organization’s friends who called me HipPo…
HipPo can imagine how big my body is but still funny and lovely one… actually my name is Chris Surya Sudjianto, Male, Christian, 22 years old. i was born in Surabaya, Indonesia “the most lovely country” that i love. i spend all my life in Petra until now.. since in Playgroup until in University, I’m studied in Petra… i take Tourism and Leisure Management Major ‘coz i like to traveling abroad. …
i’m not a journalist because i don’t think many people will interest with my blog’s but i just want to share my feeling while writing this blog’s to make you know about an ordinary people’s heart…. Happy Reading!!!!!

If you wanna become my friends.. add me in my YM :


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  1. Hahaha…. Hippo akhirnya ngeblog juga….
    blogmu udah tak link di blogku loh Chris… keep writing ya… tapi jangan lupa skripsi! Berjuang! Wisuda foto bareng loh ya….

  2. Akhirnya dirimu punya blog.
    Terus semangat ngeblog ya, ngeblog itu asik lho.
    Gabung aja di, komunitas blogger surabaya.

  3. 🙂

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