What’s wrong with this life????

Maret 19, 2009 pukul 5:09 am | Ditulis dalam Uncategorized | Tinggalkan komentar
Is it wrong to be born in this world?
Is it wrong to live and be a part of this world?
Is it wrong to choose what we like and what we don’t like?
Is it wrong to say what in our mind? and the most important question is :
NoTHiNg iS wROnG
There’s nothing wrong to be born in this world because God has planned it since we are in our mom’s womb.
There’s nothing wrong to live and be a part of this world because God wants us to take care everything in this world which He has made before.
There’s nothing wrong to choose what we like and what we don’t like because life is an option and it’s just like when you do multiple choice test, you have to choose only one correct answer, SO then choose something that we think is correct in our life.
THERE”S NOTHING WRONG TO BE A STUDENT because even the school is suck,the homework make us crazy, the assignments make us sick, and even the teachers make us feel so bad BUT… remember one thing “NO ONE IN THIS WORLD WHO EVER SAYS THAT SCHOOL IS FANTASTIC” so, there’s nothing wrong to be a student. What we must do to be a student is Do not put in our mind all that suck things but PUT in your mind HOW TO FACE all that suck things because All people around the earth know that life is unfair. Just THINK SIMPLE because We need to think in simple way in this complicated life. So then even at the time we feel crazy about school, we can say ” SCHOOL IS SUCK BUT IT MAKES ME REALIZE THAT I MUST GO THROUGH IT BECAUSE I WAS BORN IN THIS WORLD AND THAT’S GOD’S PLAN AND GOD WANTS ME TO LIVE AND BE A PART OF THIS WORLD ESPECIALLY IN THE SCHOOL THEN I CHOOSE TO LOVE IT UUPPS TO HATE IT (bcoz it’s an option, right?) but I CHOOSE TO LOVE IT BECAUSE IT’S ONLY A SMALL PART IN MY LIFE THAT I HAVE TO GO THROUGH WHERE IT CAN TAKE ME TO THE BIGGER ONE AND PUT ME TO HIGHEST PART OF THIS LIFE.
Life is a journey and it starts from the small part and ends in the biggest part.
by : Henny Nainggolan –> my office partner

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